Welcome to Belarus!

Due to the singed decree «About visa free entrance and exit for foreigners»
we are welcoming you to visit Belarus!
Belarus is a picturesque country with rich centuries-long history.
Ancient castles, virgin nature, majestic temples, country’s
customs and traditional Belarusian art attracts hundreds of
tourists from different countries.
We are the «DriveBelTour» are happy to offer you a professional assistance in making
your trip! We will follow you from the day of your arrival until the day of departure.
Business and leisure trips:
  • Transfer to/from the airports of Minsk, Moscow, Vilnius and Kiev;
  • Across the Republic of Belarus (including to / from the train or bus station);
  • Сar rental with English speaking driver (wi-fi in every car);
  • Tours across Belarus;
  • Inquiry / booking hotel;
  • Interpreter/companion;
  • Organization of events;
Convenient cooperation conditions:
  • 24/7 support;
  • Car rental at any time of day;
  • Bonuses for our customers;
  • Qualified stuff (drivers work experience is at least 7 years) ;
  • Guarantee. In case of violation of any terms of the contract through our fault
    we are guaranteeing you a compensation;
In case of 30 days advance payment, you will get a 10% discount!
Ordering an excursion you are getting a 20% off!
The document sets visa-free entrance during 90 days, if crossing a
national check point at Minsk National airport (see more)


VELCOM +375 44 768 06 84 

MTS +375 29 768 06 84